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TesCyberMods Model 3/Y Headrest Pillow

  • Features:

    • Compatible Models: Specially designed for Model 3 & Y.
    • High-quality Materials: Available in four options - full leather or suede fabric in black or white, with an ABS plastic bracket and polyurethane foam padding.
    • Relieve Neck Fatigue: Hansshhow Multi-Functional Pillow features a three-dimensional contouring and slow rebound memory foam material that effectively alleviates neck soreness and fatigue.
    • Support Head Posture: Equipped with adjustable height and angle functions, suitable for individuals of different heights. It supports the head and maintains the correct neck posture, helping to prevent neck issues and discomfort.
    • Versatile Use: Hansshow Multi-Functional Pillow comes with a phone holder that can be freely adjusted to fit various devices such as smartphones and tablets. Additionally, it features a hidden storage hook for hanging items, maximizing the utilization of space inside the car.
    • Easy installation: Installs quickly in just 60 seconds without any prior experience, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free setup without damaging the car's interior.



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