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Auto Presenting Door for Model 3/Y (V2)


  • Effortless Door Control: Easily open and close doors using multiple methods: mobile app, door handles, key cards, panel buttons, or extra buttons.
  • Radar-Powered Door Unlocking: Use the mobile app to unlock doors, and the laser radar system will automatically open the driver's door within a 15-minute window.
  • Sensor-Activated Door Option: Close the doors and quickly press the additional button three times to activate or deactivate the sensor-activated door feature, confirmed by an audible prompt.
  • Safety-Centric Door Opening: Automatic door opening halts when obstacles are detected by the laser radar system, ensuring anti-collision functionality.
  • Door Position Memory: Store your preferred door position by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds, signaled by an audible prompt. Close the door with another button press.
  • Close All Doors with Ease: Simply tap the screen lock button to automatically close all doors at once.
  • Pause Door Closure: Press the brake pedal once to temporarily halt the automatic door operation. Press it again to resume and close the doors.
  • Automatic Door Closure: Doors will automatically close 30 seconds after you exit the vehicle when Bluetooth is active or when using the physical key.
  • Remote Key Functionality: Double press the unlock button on the remote key to automatically open the driver's door. A single press will close it.
  • Safety with Anti-Pinch Feature: The electric lock system automatically stops and partially retracts if it encounters resistance during the locking process, ensuring safety.
  • Anti-Play Mode: When you open and immediately close a closed door, it enters a semi-lock state, activating the electric lock's anti-play mode.
  • (OTA) Upgrades: Supports online OTA upgrades for convenient software updates and enhancements.

For installations in Southern California, please reach out to us for pricing and scheduling: (657) 565-1007

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