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2021+ Model 3/Y/S/X/ Model 3 Highland Silent Front Trunk Electric Suction Lock

Tips: (1) This product is only available for Model 3/Y/S/X/ Model 3 Highland after 2021

(2) If you are not sure whether the model of your car is suitable, please contact customer service and provide your VIN information. If you choose the wrong model and the wrong product is sent, you will not be eligible for our return and exchange policy.

Custom Fit: Designed to match specific vehicle models, this system allows for hassle-free installation without the need to modify the car's original framework.

Quiet Door Sealing: Achieve a seamless and quiet door closure, maintaining the vehicle's internal serenity and enhancing the overall quality of your drive.

Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with a sophisticated anti-pinch technology, the system automatically stops if it detects any obstruction, offering dual sensitivity levels (with initial and secondary pinch forces at roughly 1.5kg and 2.5kg, respectively) to protect users effectively.

Multiple Control Methods:Access the front trunk effortlessly using a variety of methods, including a central touchscreen interface and mobile application, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

Automatic Suction Lock: A light push to the front trunk door triggers an automatic lock, securing it firmly in place without the need for harsh closing. This advanced mechanism ensures the door is safely locked without causing damage.

Waterproof Design (IP56):With an IP56 waterproof certification, this system guarantees consistent operation in moist environments, enhancing product longevity and reliability.

Refined Driving Pleasure: Beyond its silent operation, the system boasts an auto-locking feature for enhanced security and ease of use.

Quality Materials: Constructed from premium alloys and featuring high-grade automotive wires and a robust motor, the system promises enduring performance and resilience.

Smart Protection: With its intelligent anti-pinch algorithm and waterproof IP56 rating, the system offers comprehensive safety and dependability in a variety of conditions.

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