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Intelligent Soft-close door for Model 3/Y ( V5 )


Compatible Models: The intelligent soft-closing door lock is custom-designed for Model Y 2020-2022+ and Model 3 2016-2022+, making it compatible with both Intel Atom and AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Enhanced Performance: With an 8mm closing distance and smart induction technology, this door lock offers precise closing. It's intelligent enough to detect when the door is closing and will fully lock it with a gentle push, ensuring a more comfortable and convenient experience for vehicle owners.

Quality Assurance: Constructed from high-quality materials, including nylon fiber, high-strength cold-rolled sheet metal, and iron-based powder metallurgy components, this door lock is built to last. It features a reliable brand motor and a variable speed gear design, with waterproofing capabilities up to IP56 standards.

Simple Installation: Installing this door lock is hassle-free. You can use the original lock body mounting screws with a tightening torque of 20Nm, and it utilizes the original steel wire rope, which won't damage the vehicle or interfere with other car functions.


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