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Tesstudio 2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit

Note: The installation of this product is complex and requires expertise. It is strongly recommended to seek the assistance of professionals for the installation process. Returns will only be accepted due to quality issues and not based on installation difficulties.

"LED Ambient Lighting Exclusively Designed forModel 3/Y 21+- Infuse your car with a touch of distinctive elegance!

🌟 Tailored Craftsmanship: Precisely designed for the 2021+ Model 3/Y, ensuring a flawless fit without any concerns about incompatibility. The installation is straightforward, non-invasive, and will not compromise the inherent structure of your vehicle.

🌈 Versatile Positions and Modes: Featuring multiple light placements, effortlessly craft a dreamy and comfortable ambiance within your vehicle.

🎨 128 RGB Color Adjustments: Freely choose your desired color and mode, including gradients, rhythmic patterns, solid colors, and stroboscopic flashes, catering to various occasions and moods.

📱 Smart Screen Control: Seamlessly adjust the lighting mode and brightness through the onboard screen, granting you mastery over every corner of your vehicle's ambiance.

💡 Superior Quality with Low Energy Consumption: With 45,000 luminous points ensuring an unparalleled color experience, its ultra-low 6W power consumption ensures prolonged use without burdening the battery."

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