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Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Classic Yoke Style Steering Wheel

Yoke Design: Our steering wheels draw inspiration from aircraft cockpits, featuring an elliptical shape design that enhances your road vision with a sporty flair. Hansshow steering wheels are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with your OEM steering wheel, ensuring that the buttons function just like the original, regardless of your car's model year.

Customization Options: We offer a range of customization choices to make your Model 3/Y steering wheel truly unique. You can fully customize it with options such as carbon fiber finishing, leather wrapping, etc.

Default design: Default with heat function, default with black stitching . 

Premium Materials: Our handcrafted steering wheels are constructed using 100% genuine carbon fiber, allowing you to choose your preferred finish that not only looks stunning but is also highly durable and resistant to fingerprints and scratches. We use top-grade leather that eliminates concerns about air bubbles and deformation, providing an ergonomic design for a worry-free and comfortable driving experience.

Craftsmanship: Our steering wheels are meticulously crafted for Tesla enthusiasts who have a deep passion for their cars and enjoy the thrill of driving. Every curve, stitch, and panel has been thoughtfully designed to enhance both comfort and style. Each Hansshow Yoke steering wheel features a robust skeleton constructed from durable metals like magnesium, aluminum, or steel, ensuring long-lasting wear resistance and anti-aging properties.

Installation: Our modification process is non-destructive and requires no specialized tools. It has no adverse impact on any of your vehicle's computer systems, including the airbag, electronics, and hardware. Rest assured, all these components continue to function exactly as they did before. Fully reversible and non-destructive.


Nappa+ Air Bag Cover Option
Middle trim + Side trim (Default with carbon fiber)
Air Bag Cover Middle Logo

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