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Model 3/Y Napa Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Custom

Sleek and Sporty Design: Experience the thrill of racing right in your Model 3/Y with our innovative Ellipse-shaped steering wheel.

Premium Carbon Fiber Construction: Crafted from 100% carbon fiber, our steering wheel not only adds a touch of luxury but is also environmentally friendly and built to last.

Seamless Integration: Our steering wheel is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Tesla's airbag and roller button, ensuring a perfect fit that maintains the original look and functionality.

Effortless Installation: Upgrading your steering wheel has never been easier. Simply remove the original steering wheel by unscrewing the screws and replace it with our yoke steering wheel for a hassle-free installation.

Tailored to Your Preferences: We offer a personalized touch by allowing you to customize the steering wheel according to your unique requirements. Make your model 3/Y truly yours with a steering wheel that suits your style.

Upgrade your Tesla's driving experience with our cutting-edge steering wheel. Get ready to hit the road with style, precision, and a touch of racing excitement.

Note: It's default with heat function without air bag.


Napa Color
UP+Down and Middle Trim Carbon Fiber

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