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Tesstudio Cyber Steering Wheel for Model Y / 3

Customization of this product may incur additional charges based on the options you select. Detailed costs will be displayed in your shopping cart. Your product will be personalized according to the final paid selections.
  • Lead time: About 1-3 weeks
  • Cyber Design:  Inspired by the iconic Cybertruck design, Tesstudio cyber steering wheels are made to completely match with your OEM Model 3/Y steering wheel core so that no matter the year, the buttons will function as OEM.
  • Customization: We provide customization options to make your Model 3/Y steering truly yours. Fully customize with the option: carbon fiber finish, wrapped leather, heating function, airbag cover, etc.
  • Superior material: This hand built steering wheel is made of 100% real carbon fiber with the finish of your choice. It is durable and can effectively prevent fingerprints and scratches. Adopts top-grade leather, and you don't have to worry about any air bubbles and deformation. it adds texture ergonomically designed for worry-free driving and comfortable to handle.
  • Workmanship: We design our steering wheels for car enthusiasts who love their Tesla and loves to drive. Every curve, stitch, and panel was carefully designed for comfort and style. Each Tesstudio Yoke steering wheel consist of skeleton made out of a strong metal such as magnesium, aluminum or steel, wearable with anti-aging.
  • Installation: Non-destructive and no specialised tools needed. This modification does not impact any computer or Airbag in your vehicle. The airbag, electronics, computer systems and hardware work exactly the same.
  • How to distinguish the steering wheel of Tesla Model Y: Click Here

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